War memorial

With the aim of eternalizing the fellow citizens killed during the Great War by engraving their names on a marble slab, a Committee was established in 1921 and presided over by the town mayor, Nicola D’Angelo. The committee was appointed to raise the necessary funds so as to ‘erect a memorial worthy of the country and its heroes’, so a public call was made among artists and the project was entrusted to Professor Arcadio Ferranti from Ascoli Piceno, a renowned sculptor, and lecturer at the Academy of Fine Arts in Rome. On behalf of the Committee, the Town Council purchased a small plot belonging to Mr Cesare Mozzoni on which to erect the war memorial and assigned the works to the stonemason Cinelli from Ascoli Piceno under the supervision of Professor Ferranti. Lawyer Quintilio Galanti, an expert on Civil Law studies and Latin, resident in Rome at the time, heard about the project and dictated the following epitaph in October 1922 (To the fifty soldiers / born in Cossignano / who, while war raged through Europe / they fought with Roman valour / to claim Italian boundaries and independence for the nations / they died as heroes, / immortal gratitude from the fatherland, / eternal honour of the people’). The War Memorial was inaugurated by Luigi Fioroni on 15 August 1927 and on the same day two stone plaques were laid in the hall of Municipal building – one with the Latin wording and the other bearing the translation – quoted from the epitaph by Galanti. The bronze bass-relief was created from a sketch by Professor Ferranti, representing ‘a legendary Roman young man, with sturdy and naked musculature, proud and imperious stare, holding a sword in his left hand, raising the statue of Winged Victory. 

(Thanks to Camilla Beretta for the translation)

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