The Town Hall

The Town Hall holds the historical Municipal archives, containing the scrolls of documents from the XIV – XVI centuries, kept in a cabinet in the Councillors’ chamber. Located in the same room one may admire an oil painting depicting S.Giorgio sceso da cavallo (St. George descending from his horse) and the red shirt of the Garibaldino Placido Malavolta in the reliquary. The bell tower is worth mentioning as it bears the date 1586, the year in which, by the wish of Sisto V, the Presidato administrative district was established, making Montalto its town seat and including Cossignano. Recent restoration works have made the entrance to the bell house accessible offering a magnificent view of the surrounding hills.

There one may admire the ancient tubular bell moulded in 1303, decorated at the top by the Municipality’s Coat of Arms and with an inscription in Gothic characters bearing the date 1303 (commemorating 1000 years since the martyrdom of the patron St. George) as well as the initials of the Hail Mary and the motto taken from the epitaph of S. Agata: M(entem) T(uam) S(anctam) S(pontaneam) H(onorem) D(eo) E(t) P(atriae) L(iberationem).

(Thanks to Camilla Beretta for the tranlsation)

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