The town archaeological Museum "Niccola Pansoni"


The town archaeological museum houses "Niccola Pansonisome of the artifacts found in Cossignano and its surroundings during the 20th century. This collection was gathered by poet and local historian Niccola Pansoni (1882-1932), who promoted searches and excavations in order to prevent the loss of "a sacred cultural heritage". Besides Pansoni’s collection, which was donated to the municipality by his heirs, the exhibition hosts the artifacts collected by the local Archeoclub between 1970s and 1980s.

These artifacts prove that Cossignano and its surroundings were inhabited from prehistory until the Roman time without interruption. Most of the objects date back to the 7th and 6th century B.C.. They testify the existence of a local tribe called Piceni, whose settlement included two burial grounds.

The name Piceni indicates those tribes which inhabited Le Marche area and most of Abruzzo area before the Romans conquered the land, i.e. between the 9th and the 3rd century B.C.. According to ancient historians, this civilization was the result of migrations towards the Adriatic coast from inland Lazio. Legend has it that Sabines reached this area following a woodpecker (picus), hence the name.

(Thanks to Camilla Beretta for the translation)

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