The Piano spring

Located in the neighborhood bearing the same name, the Piano spring, owned by the municipality, is a trough used in the past for watering livestock. It is a large drinking trough built entirely of masonry, with a perimeter about one metre wide and collecting spring water from a nearby well. An opening on the south side allowed water to be drawn in by means of a bucket tied to a rope. Its main feature is the barrel-shaped dome covering the well and the side outlets on the east face that were probably connected to two other troughs located perpendicular to the one described. However, these two troughs have disappeared, but their presence is acknowledged by the two large arches still visible on the east side of the trough. There is no definite date linked to the structure, which is mostly buried beneath the surface at a depth of 2.50 metres. Recent restoration works (completed in 2007), as well as a thorough cleaning of the trough, have brought to light an internal floor covered with tiles.

(Thanks to Camilla Beretta for the translation)

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